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Book Residential Artificial Turf Installation in Florida

Transform  your home with beautiful and low-maintenance artificial  turfs. Say goodbye to lawn care headaches and hello to a perfect yard all year long.


Work with Turf Team Synthetics and get artificial grass installed:

  • Top Turf installer in Florida 

  • Fast and efficient team 

  • 3-6 days installation 

  • Professional free consultation


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Renovate Your Home With Residential Artificial Turf Installation.

At Turf Team Synthetics, we are committed to transforming your backyard into a peaceful sanctuary with residential artificial turf installation in Florida. 


  • Family-friendly options 

  • Increased home value 

  • Environment -friendly 

  • Pocket-friendly 

  • No need to spend hours in lawn care and maintenance


Imagine spending quality time with loved ones in your lush, green oasis, from play spaces to poolside lounging, and pet-friendly havens. What's the secret? You're free from the relentless chores that come with a natural lawn—no weeding, mowing, or watering, and your weekends are yours to enjoy.


Types of Residential Artificial Grass

Turf Team Synthetics offers several types of residential turf or artificial grass available to homeowners, each with its own characteristics and suitability for different applications. Here are some common types of residential turf:

Putting Green

The budget-friendly residential artificial turf is perfect for the indoors as well as the outdoors. It renders an attractive look due to the two-tone cloning to any space.

AGW 80

With kids and pets playing around in your backyard, you’d want to install turf that doesn't feel harsh. Right? Falling or running on real grass can be brutal but not with the AGW 80 as it typically feels like walking on the cloud!

AGW 100

The star performer gives a luxurious look and feel to transform any living place. The combination of lime green and field green blades make the residential artificial grass look vibrant and fresh like never before.

AGW Highland

Engineered to tolerate the wear and tear of the most demanding places, the AGW highland uses the combination of “BodyShape '' and “MaxRecover '' technology that gives the residential artificial grass a quick recovery time. 

Why Hire Turn Team Synthetics for Residential Artificial Turf Installation in Florida

Leading Florida's Turf Installation Services

We've unmatched expertise in transforming homes and residential properties with synthetic turf installation. Get top-quality residential artificial turf installation services from the industry experts. 

Swift and Efficient Team

The moment you reach out to us, we swing into action. We promise to provide you with a detailed quote either on the same day or the very next. The entire process from the beginning to the finish takes somewhere between 3 to 6 days of time after the commencement of the project.

Professional Field Inspection 

Our team starts with a comprehensive site inspection, enabling us to precisely gauge the materials, labor, and equipment needed for your project. Any site-specific challenges or modifications are identified upfront, which can impact the overall cost estimate.

Quick and Professional Installation

Our team plans and executes every installation project, with minimal disruption to your daily life. From small homes to large-scale residential properties. We come fully equipped with all the tools and supplies necessary. Sit back and relax.

How It Works

Contact Us

Fill out the form and wait for our team to get in touch with you in the next 24 business hours.

Get Proposal

One of our representatives will visit the site and calculate the estimate for the project.

Start Working

Our team will reach the job site as scheduled with all the necessary equipment and tools.

  • Do I need to handle cleanup before or after the turf installation?
    Rest assured, our dedicated crew takes care of everything from preparing the ground to dealing with sprinkler systems and thorough cleanup, leaving you worry-free.
  • How soon can I get a quote for my project?
    We aim to provide quotes promptly, often on the same day or the very next day, to kickstart your project without delay.
  • How soon can I expect to be scheduled for my project?
    Our schedule is in high demand, so please anticipate a 2 to 3-week wait before your project can commence.
  • How long does the commercial fake grass last?
    The turf can last between 15 to 20 years and comes with a reassuring 15-year manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.
  • How long does the residential artificial turf installation normally take?
    Most residential backyards take 3-6 days from start to finish for installation.
  • What is the wait time to get on the schedule for a project?
    Our schedule is filling up quickly. Please expect a 2-3 week wait before your project can commence.
  • Do I need to prep the backyard or clean up after the installation?
    No, clients need to worry about prep or cleanup. Our crew handles every aspect of the installation process, from dealing with sprinkler systems to ground preparation and post-installation cleanup.
  • How long does the residential artificial grass last?
    The turf can last 15-20 years and comes with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.
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